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Brand: Akhilam Model: EC-10093
SpecificationsResistance Accuracy:±1%,±2%,±3%.      B R25/50:(usual)3435K,3600K,3950K,3990K,4100K,4200K and so on.      B Accuracy:±1%.      Temperature Range:-40℃~+300℃.      Max Rated Power:45mW.     &nb..
Brand: Akhilam Model: EC-10001
This is Thermistor 100k NTC with 1 Meter Cable Temperature Sensor for 3D Printer Reprap. The thermistor is a thermally sensitive resistor known for exhibiting a large change in resistance with only a small change in temperature.It is important to note that a thermistor’s change in resistance is non-..
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