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FOTEK ORIGINAL PL-05NB Inductive Sensor

FOTEK ORIGINAL PL-05NB Inductive Sensor
15 Days
FOTEK ORIGINAL PL-05NB Inductive Sensor
  • Stock: 15 Days
  • Brand: FOTEK
  • Model: EC-10114
  • Weight: 0.25kg
  • Dimensions: 12.00cm x 5.00cm x 5.00cm
  • SKU: EC-10114


 Power supply reversal connection protection , short-circuit protection , can directly connect with PLC

Economic and simple operation

Long service life, high reliability and strong resistance property to environment

Red LED indicates that it’s available to detect the sensor operating state.

IP67 protection structure (IEC specification)

 Characteristic parameter:

Type: NPN NC

Mounting way: Non-screen shield type

Delay distance: 10% below of the detection distance

Detection distance: 5mm±10%

Set distance: 0-4mm

Supply voltage: DC 10-30V

Consumption current: Below 13mA

Control output : 300 mA Below

Loop protection: Reversal connection protection, surge absorption, load short-circuit protection

Ambient temperature & humidity: -30~+65 °C, 35~95% RH

Insulation impedance: Above 50 MΩ between charging part and housing

Withstand voltage: AC 1000V 50/60Hz 1min between charging part and housing

Temperature influence: Temperature range  -30~+65 °C , at +23 °C , ±15% detection distance;

                                         temperature range  -25~+60 °C , at +23 °C , ±10% detection distanc

Voltage influence : Inside ±15% rated supply voltage range, at rated supply voltage value, inside ±10% detection distance

Protection structure: IP67 (IEC specification)

Material:  ABS

Wire length:1M

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