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Brand: Akhilam Model: AC-10019
AKHILAM 5015 Turbo Blower Fan - 12v..
Brand: Akhilam Model: AC-10020
AKHILAM 5015 Turbo Blower Fan - 24v..
Brand: Akhilam Model: EP-10116
Description:Ender 3 directly drive plate can works on all Ender 3/Ender 3 Pro,CR-10/CR-10S,S4,S5 printers and kitsEnder 3 3D Printer Direct Extruder Upgrade kit is firmware modifications requiredThe Ender 3 drive upgrade kit can provide more accurate filament extrusion3D Printer upgrade parts have m..
Brand: eSUN Model: AC-10057
A cost-effective storage box with constant temperature and humidity, moisture-proof and dust-proof consumables with heating function specially developed for 3D printing filaments.The transparent PC material upper cover allows real-time observation of consumables usage; the arc-shaped heating sheet a..
Brand: eSUN Model: AC-10054
Large size 65*76*72cm & dual power outlet design, which can be adapted to most of the models; the internal temperature can be maintained around 36℃, which ease the printing shrinkage of ABS/ASA/PC/PA ; Water and moisture-proof aluminum foil and color-changing silicone desiccant can keep the box ..
HeatBed Spring Leveling Kit with Adjustment Nut Wheel & Springs & Screw HeatBed Spring Leveling Kit with Adjustment Nut Wheel & Springs & Screw
15 Days
Brand: Akhilam Model: AC-10045
Features:Auto leveling nuts for 3D printers, 4pcs/ pack.Compatible with Creality CR-10/ CR-10s/ mini ender 3 3D printers.High-quality plastic material, durable and sturdy.Easy to install and remove, no tools required.Spring specifications:Color: Blue/YellowOutside diameter:8mmInside diameter:4mmLeng..
Brand: Akhilam Model: HW-10010
The Brass Heat Set Threaded Round Insert Nuts is used every day for assemblies and components that need to be joined together. When fasteners are used in traditional manufacturing, bolts are often tapped straight into the metal substrates. 3D printed parts are unique from a material and robustness s..
Brand: Akhilam Model: AC-10021
Material: 5 mm eccentric spacers are made of stainless steel, High strength and hardness.These 3D Printer Accessories have a 5mm bore and can be adjusted with a 10mm wrench.For V wheel aluminium extrusion 3D printer Reprap. Durable and Sturdy.Can be used with V-Slot(TM) aluminum extrusion and V whee..
Silicone Solid Spacer with Y Axis Hot Bed Leveling Column High Temperature Resistant for Ender-3/Ender-5/CR-X/CR-10/CR-10S
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Brand: Akhilam Model: AC-10044
4pcs silicone solid spacer, 3 high and 1 short, for Ender-3/Ender-5/CR-X/CR-10/CR-10S 3D printer hotbed.Made of high quality silicone material, heat-resistant and non-stick.Because of the special material, it can be non-slip and more stable.Can replace on the original heated bed springs.Withstand te..
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